As guardians of a unique land, sea and peri-urban ecosystem, located in the immediate vicinity of the Parc National des Calanques and in a densely populated urban area, the grounds team works hard every day to preserve the island of greenery that the golf course represents, providing refuge and shelter for numerous species while offering optimal playing conditions.

The team of young, motivated gardeners work hard every day to offer you the best possible golfing experience.

With the experience and know-how of Simon Valmy, course superintendent, working hand in hand with the golf course management, a change in working technique has been underway for some years now. A method that favours sustainable development through controlled water management, the preservation of biodiversity, and a pertinent choice of products used to guarantee eco-responsible management.

The programme for this privileged meeting included enriching exchanges, captivating discussions and fascinating discoveries on various subjects such as biodiversity, course maintenance, a detailed presentation of the equipment used, as well as reflections on ecology and resource management.

It was a unique opportunity for participants, from beginners to experienced golfers and non-golfers alike, to gain a better understanding of many aspects and discover some of the well-kept secrets of course maintenance.

Discussion with our fountainman Jonathan

The date of this meeting was not chosen at random: Friday 22 March was World Water Day, and Jonathan, the golf course’s fountain attendant, was able to talk to the audience and provide a wealth of information.

And by answering questions such as: Do we use drinking water? Do we have to treat it before discharging it? How does the pumping station work? How many sprinklers do we have on the course?

Its supply, use, control, scarcity, treatment in the ground, the controls and obligations that we fulfil – these are just some of the subjects addressed by the grounds team, Simon Valmy and Daniel Scaravonati, Director of Golf.

Exchanges and conviviality

Over a convivial aperitif, carefully prepared by our kitchen team, the discussion continued on fascinating subjects relating to biodiversity and the upkeep of our golf course.

In a relaxed and warm atmosphere, our guests were able to exchange ideas and experiences on the preservation of nature and the ecological management of our environment. Guided by our grounds team, we discovered the many efforts made to maintain our course in harmony with the surrounding nature: the bunkers with the new lips, the sand, the paths and also the teeing areas.

It was also an opportunity to get a closer look at the machines as well as the ‘seeds’, to meet the members of the team and learn more about their daily lives.

We left the final word to the gardeners:
Happy to share this special moment – off the course to discover our customers and delighted to share their profession with enthusiasts and they insist by informing everyone that they take pleasure every day to beautify and protect the course but that they should not be the only ones and insist that golfers understand the importance of simple rules:

  • Raise your pitch
  • Don’t make a test shot in an area that has already been weakened
  • Rake the bunkers
  • Respect marked areas

Awareness-raising workshop open to all

This event was the perfect opportunity to raise our customers’ awareness of the importance of biodiversity in our ecosystem and to highlight the remarkable work carried out by our team to preserve our privileged playground.

We would like to thank all the participants who helped make this event such a success.

The event will be held again, and will remain open to everyone, golfers and non-golfers alike, young and old, because “Protecting our environment starts with knowing about it”.

If you’d like to organise your own ecology and biodiversity workshop, visit our teambuilding page.