Golf lessons at Golf Bastide de la Salette

Individual and group golf lessons, golf clinics and golf introductory sessions for adults

The 7 state-qualified golf instructors at Golf Bastide de la Salette offer different types of lessons, including individual golf lessons, group golf lessons and golf introductory sessions. Their teaching methods are informative and fun for all abilities. Progress and pleasure guaranteed!

Available packages

Adult individual golf lessons Prices
30 minutes Prices €30
1 hr Prices €50
5 hrs Prices €230
Adult group golf lessons Prices
1-hr flat rate for 2 people Prices €60
1-hr flat rate for 3 people Prices €75
Adult golf clinic Prices
10 hrs Prices €220

From 3 to 6 people, Monday to Friday, 2 hours of lessons per day.

Adult golf initiation Prices
1 hr Prices €74
1½ hrs Prices €111

Maximum of 15 people per group, balls and clubs provided.

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