The preservation of environmental heritage and biodiversity is at the heart of the actions taken at Golf Bastide de la Salette in Marseille. When values ​​of transmission and sharing are added to the operations, the project takes on a particularly special meaning. This is what happened with the installation of unique birdhouses.

A passionate teacher and accomplished golfer, Audrey Viger Pélissier, is the originator of this project, as unique as it is well-founded. Following a discussion with the golf director, Daniel Scaravonati, the project, already implemented in the Charlotte Grawitz High School park, was able to be duplicated within the Golf Bastide de la Salette course.

“I’ve been looking after pupils with disabilities for many years, and fortunately, my school has a beautiful park with magnificent centuries-old trees and numerous bird species on one hectare of land. The students and I decided to create birdhouses so that our birds could have lovely habitats. Our school is committed to environmental preservation. »

As Golf Bastide de la Salette is also committed to this approach and on its way to obtaining the Biodiversity Label from the French Golf Federation, it was only natural for the golf director to accept the proposal from the students and their teacher. This involved creating and installing unique birdhouses at the heart of the golf course for the numerous birds identified across the 70 hectares of the course.

On a somewhat rainy day, the students were able to bring the handmade birdhouses to the golf course’s gardeners and discover the natural environment of the course. It was a visit filled with joy and smiles as they encountered the fauna and flora of the course, including our two donkeys. The day continued with an exploration of the golf course gardener’s profession, a golf initiation, and a friendly picnic. The students will return on sunny days to see the progress of their beautiful birdhouses installed near hole number 3.