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Take up golf in Marseille and enjoy the golf experience along with 80 million other players!

Did you know…? Golf is the most popular individual sport in the world. A sport with many virtues, it can be played alone, with friends and as a family.

What is golf?

Golf is an outdoor sport in which you use clubs to attempt to hit a ball into successive holes around a golf course in as few strokes as possible. At the end of the game, the total number of strokes taken gives you your score. The lower your score, the better you played. Golf is a great all-round sport that combines physical activity, precision, concentration and strategy.

Who is golf for?

Anyone can play golf, whatever their age. It is never too soon or too late to take up golf. It’s a sport with no prerequisites. Golf can be enjoyed by the very youngest and the very oldest players. It’s a non-violent sport suited to seniors, women and men looking for a new sporting activity or a change of sport. Its intergenerational nature means that this social sport can be played by families, friends, colleagues and players of different abilities. It has a natural connection with nature, no two golf courses are the same, and refreshing your game and discovering new courses is a constant source of pleasure.

How and when to try out golf

Twice a year, Golf Bastide de la Salette and all the clubs in the Resonance Golf Collection network organise free Initiation Days, which are open to everyone. They include a two-hour golf initiation run by a qualified instructor, equipment hire and an introduction to the golf course. Other initiation sessions are also available.

During this introductory session, you will learn the fundamentals of the sport, including some of the language. You can take your first strokes on the driving range, putting green and even the compact course. All the practice areas are at your disposal. Our instructors will talk to you about your posture, strokes and movement. They will show you how to hold your club and where to place your ball. After a few tries, you will have learned the basics of how to send a ball 100 metres and aim for the flag.
Once you have made this discovery and you decide you want to continue, starting off with an instructor is the best way to learn the right technique, make good progress and quickly start enjoying the game. Golf academy, private and group lessons, beginner and advanced golf clinics. There are different options to suit your needs.

Why take lessons?

You are not born with a golf swing, and because it’s quite a technical movement, you constantly need to practise it.
Once you have learned certain basics, you will quickly begin to enjoy the game. These include how to hold the club (grip), how far to stand from the ball, good alignment to help you aim, a good stance and proper positioning of your arms, back and head to make it easier to swing.
To learn this you can take private or group lessons, attend a golf clinic or buy a Pass Go for Golf. Like many golf clubs, Bastide de la Salette requires you to have a green card to access the club and start playing golf properly on the 18-hole course.

How and when should I learn to play golf?

The green card pass is a “golfer’s passport”. It is proof of your ability to play independently on the course in a courteous manner in the allotted time.
There are different ways of obtaining your green card pass:
– by continuously playing for several months
– by attending three week-long clinics

Who should you play golf with?

Golf is the most popular individual sport in the world, and you can play golf:
– alone, because golf is primarily about your relationship with the golf course
– with one, two or three other players of different abilities
– with your family or a group of friends (golf is a social sport)
– as an individual or as part of a team in a tournament or friendly game

You now have all the elements you need to take up golf and enjoy playing it. Feel free to contact the golf club reception for any additional information.

Enjoy your golf journey, and we look forward to seeing you for some great games at Golf Bastide de la Salette, Marseille!

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