In the heart of the Bastide de la Salette golf course, set in the beautiful rolling countryside of Marseille, we have undertaken an exciting ecological project: the installation of insect hotels. This project is part of our approach to preserving biodiversity and improving the local ecosystem.

Making insect hotels

Building the insect hotels was a truly collaborative adventure involving a number of club members, the field team and biodiversity experts. Made from natural and recycled materials, these insect shelters are made up of several compartments, each offering ideal living conditions for different species of beneficial insects.

Choice of materials :

  • Bamboo and reeds: Ideal for solitary bees.
  • Broken bricks and tiles: Used for the main structure.
  • Hay: Ideal for lacewings and other insects.
  • Punctured branches and logs: Ideal for forficulas and solitary wasps.


  • Materials are carefully stacked and assembled to create a sturdy, welcoming structure.
  • The hotel is placed in a sunny spot, sheltered from the wind, to encourage insect colonization.

The benefits of insect hotels

The installation of these new insect-friendly structures brings many ecological and educational benefits.

Enhancing biodiversity:

  • The hotels provide a safe, protected habitat for a variety of insects, contributing to local biodiversity.
  • Solitary bees, in particular, are excellent pollinators, improving the health of our flora.

Biological pest control:

  • Ladybugs and earwigs are natural predators of aphids, reducing the need for chemical pesticides.
  • Lacewings help control pest populations, such as mites and aphids.

Education and awareness:

  • Insect hotels are a great educational tool for raising awareness of the importance of biodiversity among club members and visitors alike.
  • Workshops and guided tours will be organized to explain the crucial role of insects in our ecosystem.

Improving the local ecosystem:

  • By encouraging the presence of pollinators, insect hotels contribute to the flowering and fruiting of local plants.
  • It creates a natural balance, reducing the spread of disease and pests.

The installation of insect hotels at Golf Bastide de la Salette is more than just an ecological project; it’s a commitment to nature and the community. We’re proud to play an active role in protecting our environment, and to offer our visitors an enriching and educational experience.

Come and discover this haven for our little winged friends, and take part in our workshops to learn more about biodiversity and ecosystems!

Together, let’s cultivate a greener, more sustainable future at Golf Bastide de la Salette.