All-terrain pétanque at La Bastide de la Salette in Marseille

Discover "La Mariole": all-terrain pétanque at Golf Bastide de la Salette

We’re delighted to introduce a brand-new activity available to all at La Bastide de la Salette, golf course and restaurant: “La Mariole”, all-terrain pétanque.

Play with family or friends on the field of your choice, following the classic rules of pétanque or the rules of the fadas. A unique and fun experience awaits you in our verdant setting. Come one, come all and enjoy some unforgettable moments!

How can I participate?

Your new relaxation experience at Bastide de la Salette :

  • Go to the golf reception desk to borrow the equipment (one of 4 sets of 6 pétanque boules and a soft all-purpose jack).
  • Your identity card will be required as a deposit.
  • Participation is entirely free.
  • Open to all, but minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Where to play?

Choose your playground at Bastide de la Salette.

Let your imagination run wild as you play pétanque on any terrain. You can play anywhere on our estate, indoors or out: on the terrace, near the restaurant, or even on the golf course for golfers – in areas that are accessible and safe. Thanks to our flexible petanque balls, suitable for all types of surface, you can turn any space into a petanque court, whether on grass, tables or the clubhouse parquet floor.

Play wherever you like (in compliance with safety regulations, as the establishment is not liable), whenever you like, with whomever you like, and enjoy a unique play experience at La Bastide de la Salette in Marseille.

Découvrez La Mariole La Pétanque Tout Terrain au Golf Bastide de la Salette 2
Découvrez La Mariole La Pétanque Tout Terrain au Golf Bastide de la Salette 3

What are the rules of the game?

  • Classique: Played like classic pétanque, but on any surface!


  • La Mariole des Fadas: The only rule is that there are few or none! You have to have at least one foot in the pre-defined playing area. You put the jack in your hand, wherever you like. And we use obstacles and other elements as supports to get closer to the jack. The first team to score 9 points wins.

An unforgettable experience

“La Mariole” offers you the opportunity to rediscover pétanque in an exceptional setting. Take advantage of our verdant surroundings and top-quality facilities to share moments of joy and laughter with your loved ones.

  • Before or after your round of golf, lunch or aperitif.
  • Challenge during your meeting.
  • An extra challenge for your team after a round of golf on the compact or 18-hole course.

Come in large numbers to try the “La Mariole” experience and make your visit to Bastide de la Salette a memorable one.

Turn your days into moments of pleasure and conviviality with “La Mariole” at Golf Bastide de la Salette. We look forward to welcoming you!



Is it possible to play pétanque anywhere, in any weather?

Yes, it’s possible, thanks to La Mariole’s innovative boules. We’ve created flexible pétanque boules for playing pétanque at home and anywhere else.

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