Marseille, 20 and 21 April 2024 – The course at Golf Bastide de la Salette in Marseille was the scene of a historic moment this weekend as the club’s men’s first team won the PACA 2024 League Championship. This victory marks an important milestone for the whole club, the players, the AS volunteers, the partners and all the operational teams at the golf course (grounds, reception and catering) who worked tirelessly to achieve this objective.

The competition, which brought together the 10 best teams in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, was intense and exciting. The players from Golf Bastide de la Salette showed an exceptional level of play despite very windy conditions for all the teams. Victory was achieved thanks to a combination of talent, determination and team spirit, qualities that were essential throughout the weekend, with the indispensable support of vice-captain Pierre Ghipponi.

After qualifying by one point on the first day (374 points Bastide de la Salette, 375 points Cannes Mougins), and after a tie in the morning foursomes, it was finally in the third single match, the last decisive match, on Sunday afternoon that victory was announced, the club’s first!

The outstanding performance by the men’s first team was the result of rigorous preparation and teamwork.

The victory was hailed by club members, supporters and all those who followed the competition. It has brought great pride to the Golf Bastide de la Salette community and strengthened its commitment to the development of golf in the region, both as a leisure activity and at a high level.

All the players and accompanying persons praised the exceptional quality of the course. The golf course management would like to thank the teams from the Ligue de Golf PACA, the Fédération Française de Golf, the support of the Resonance Golf Collection teams, all the volunteers and visitors and all the players from the opposing teams present for this championship weekend.

After two years as Vice Champion, Valentin Schildberg, captain of the Golf Bastide de la Salette team, expressed his “great pride at finally seeing the name of the club, Golf Bastide de la Salette, on the trophy”. He also stressed that this victory was just the start of a new chapter for the Golf Bastide de la Salette teams, with new goals and challenges ahead.

The club is already preparing for next season, with the intention of maintaining its high level of performance and continuing to inspire golfers of all levels in the PACA region. Congratulations to the men’s first team from Golf Bastide de la Salette (Valentin, Andréas, Nicolas, Thibaut, Matis, Alexandre, Sacha) on their remarkable victory in the PACA League Championship for men’s 1st division 2024 teams.